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The mission of The Emanuel Foundation is to boost the self-esteem and self-sufficiency of under-employed and unemployed individuals. 
The Emanuel Foundation is committed to spiritual, personal and economic growth within an international membership community that INspires and Connects people with the resources, encouragement, and accountability to achieve their dreams.


The Emanuel Foundation supports programs and initiatives that help under-employed and unemployed people become self-sustaining in their careers, families and inner lives. We are excited to announce our first funded program is the INspire Connexion.

Offering the same resources that executives rely on to achieve their personal and professional goals, this innovative program helps men and women, ages 21 to 65, have the courage and faith to live their lives passionately with a purpose by connecting them with professionals who provide accountability, encouragement and practical tools to achieve their dreams.

According to Census Bureau the number of people living in poverty rose to 43.6 million in 2009, up 4 million from the year before. Included in this staggering number are under-employed and unemployed individuals who despite their efforts whose earning aren’t enough to pay for basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing.

Traditional causes of people living at or below the poverty line include: limited awareness of resources; insufficient access to education, support, and financial resources; changes in the economy such as the rising cost of food, shelter, and clothing.  Public assistance and social service programs for families and individuals who are unable to make ends meet or who live below the poverty line do only what is necessary to meet their basic needs to survive and function in society. This has led to the worsening of common socio-economic issues. Government programs which have increased tax liability for everyone, are amongst the greatest.

While infrequently attributed to the cause of poverty but equally relevant are peoples’ self-limiting thought patterns such as fear and complacency as well as limited interpersonal support systems. These attitudes get passed along through the generations and add to the burden on society.
The Emanuel Foundation helps eliminate poverty by supporting programs that:

Boost self-esteem and self-sufficiency of individuals and families by showing them how to increase their hire-ability. Participation in programs that maximize each person’s potential will favorably improve their ability to make a living wage.  
Supports development of spiritual and economic values. Encouragement of faith and courage to overcome self-limiting beliefs helps the people we support to become fully self-sufficient.
Fulfillment of obtainable, personally rewarding and financially sound goals. Access to an international community whose members engage in encouraging conversations, offer support, and accountability will help everyone to achieve their dreams and meet their needs.
* According to a 1998 survey conducted by the International Coaching Foundation “a landslide of 98.5% of coaching clients said their investment in a coach was well worth the money.”

Theory of Change

  If we provide people who are at or below the poverty level with the accountability, encouragement and strategies to connect with their inner strengths, they will become self sustaining.

Core purpose of the INspire Connexion is to help the disadvantaged become self-sustaining through coaching and mentoring.



Coaches and Mentors

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Strategic Alliances
Contact us to learn how you can build on your organizations capacity to help clients increase their self-sustainability.
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The Emanuel Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization which operates to support The Inspiration Network charity organization who's mission is to help people to have the faith and courage to transform their lives into one that is lived passionately with a purpose by connecting established business professionals, life coaches with those who need encouragement and accountability to achieve their dreams.

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